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NexPTG – Professional


An advanced version of the NexPTG paint thickness gauge, which enables fast, accurate and intuitive vehicle testing. The Professional version has a movable head allowing for precise measurements on concave and convex elements.

NexPTG devices are the most innovative wireless thickness gauges on the market. NexPTG devices perform 10 measurements per second and show very precise readings, what is more, it can be used to check virtually any car. NexPTG automatically recognizes and tests the lacquer coating on steel and aluminium elements.

The NexPTG Professional is the most advanced model of the gauge, allowing you to make precise measurements including on curved surfaces.

Thanks to the use of a movable head and a profiled probe housing in the device, the effect of vibrations on reading measurements on convex or concave internal and external elements of a vehicle has been eliminated. Thanks to the combination of the gauge and a telephone, the user receives enormous possibilities unattainable for traditional gauges.

The Professional version makes measurements with even greater accuracy than the Standard and Advanced versions. In addition, the Professional gauge has a number of options that will help the user to examine a vehicle more efficiently and more effectively, including:

Suggested measurement points

Buyer’s guide

Export of measurement history

Creation of reports

This is the most modern device of its kind on the market.

Professional software.

NexPTG has a dedicated application. You can install it on any mobile device equipped with iOS or Android. The dedicated application will allow you to examine the lacquer coat with unprecedented accuracy and precision. Thanks to the Paint Coating Analysis System, you can analyse the lacquer on the surface of the entire body in an instant, and the application will help you interpret the results of measurements.

No other device on the market offers such possibilities.

  • Testing substrate: Steel [Fe] / Zinc-plated steel [Fe+Zn] / Aluminum [Al]

  • Recognized substrate types: [Fe] / [Fe+Zn] / [Al]

  • Range of measurement: 0 - 2500 μm (0 – 98.43 mils)

  • Type of probe / End of probe: movable/spherical

  • Possible measurement on curvatures (profiled probe housing)

  • Resolution of measurement: 1 μm (0.04 mils)

  • Measurement memory: up to 4000 items

  • Wireless transmission: Bluetooth 4.0 LE

  • SAPL Extended: paint coating analysis system

  • Suggested measurement points

  • Creation and export of measurement history

  • Creation and export of reports

  • API communication

  • Supported systems: iOS / Android

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