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The basic version of the NexPTG lacquer thickness gauge with a spherical probe and a profiled

housing. The gauge has a Lacquer Coating Analysis System thanks to which you can easily detect

interference with the coating.

• Testing on the substrate: Steel [Fe]/ Zinc-plated

steel [Fe+Zn]/ Aluminum [Al]

• Recognized substrate types: [Fe] / [Fe+Zn] / [Al]

• Range of measurement: 0 - 1000 μm (0 - 39.37


• Resolution of measurement: 10 μm (0.4 mils)

• Type of probe / End of probe: movable/spherical

• Possible measurement on curvatures (profiled

probe housing)

• Measurement memory: up to 300 items

• Wireless transmission: Bluetooth 4.0 LE

• Ambient temperature: -20 ° C to +40 ° C

• SAPL Basic: lacquer coating analysis system

• Testing relative to reference point

• Supported systems: iOS/ Android

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